“Dear Friends,

I would like to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011. I really appreciate our relationships and I am very happy that I know so fantastic people all over the world.

After my travels and meeting with people from all continents I know that we are all the same. We have similar dreams. Every body of us dream about love, friendships, pace. I wish us to achieve them in our live.”

Piotr Janukowicz

This is the nicest Christmas greetings e-mail I have ever received.

It comes from a far distant European country, with which recent history has not been so thoughtful.

I first met Piotr Janukowicz about 20 years ago, in the shoe business, leading the Apia shoe shops in Poland. He was a young business man, and destiny had much in store for him.

As he grew stronger and stronger, his kind and respectful attitude towards people never changed.

This message is the proof.

Once he told me: “Family is the most important thing in life.” Not business. Not fame. Not power.

He has always been one of the most serious and professional business men in footwear I have ever met.

Let’s learn something from the polish people, as they have suffered so much and for so long.

Let’s share Christmas with them.

Thank you Piotr, and Merry Christmas.


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